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Posted by jakk22 - August 26th, 2011

This is what I have been spending most of my time on lately. Musicalness, goodness, The Likes of Me is my newest song. It's on here too.

Posted by jakk22 - September 8th, 2008

castle crashers is the best game ever, and gh4 is even better. im excited for it to come out.

Posted by jakk22 - May 9th, 2008

a vid i made WOOT,

/* */

Posted by jakk22 - March 26th, 2008

well here are some pics of the trip.
well this is the story...
we left early thursday morning, and took off.
we went down through Oklahoma, and texas.
after a few hours we got into new mexico, this hole time i was on my computer making Revolution 2.
so finally we arrived in Albuquerque. so we stayed with some people, and that night we went to a mexican restaurant, and saw a blue grass band called "mystic lizards", they were basically a country version on DragonForce, with a banjo player that got first in the nation, and a crazy mandolin player, they switch off insane solos and played crazy fast through out the whole song, there were a lot of those songs.
after we waited for our food for an hour, we ate, and it was good.
so then we went back home and went to BED!
so we did some stuff the next day, not very appetizing.
but we did eat at this really good authentic mexican food restaurant.
so after we did a bunch of stuff, we went back home and i got on the computer for the rest of the night, then i went to SLEEP!
the next day, we woke up at 3:00 and headed off into the night...
so i slept for a while, then i woke up and played game boy, and did computer stuff.
after a lot of driving and gas stops, we got to James Esteps house!
after we got settled and said hello, james showed me this canal thats behind a tree line, we threw pieces of cardboard shaped like boats and canoes into the canal, then we waked to a mini dam a far ways away.
and waited until we saw the boats coming, then we watched them get devoured into the dams water falls and waves. it was small though.
then we went back to his house and called his friends, and after arranging our escape from his house, we got a ride into town to stay the night. so basically it was me in the middle of the back seat, )i was sitting on a cup holder) then james to my left, his friend jordan to my right, his friend casey in the front, and his mom driving. after about 15 minutes, we got to a girl named ciara's house, we played rock band on a 40' hi def projector, and played a bit o pool.
after a couple hours we went to this midget basket ball game, midgets VS school staff. we went there in a
packed truck, me, james, jordan, alex casey, in back, ciara and another chick, (forgot her name, they called her la loser) in front, plus driver. so then we went to the game and watched a insanely staged game, but it was cool.
after that we hung out in front of the school for a hour or so.
we basically just... hung out.
then we finally got a ride to caseys house, me jordan and james spent the night there.
we played halo 2, i have not played that in forever., i used the internet, and around 12:00, we went to bed.
the next day was sunday, and jameses mom picked us up, and we went to church from about 8:00 to 11:00, there were a few services, plus a sunday school thing.
then we got back to jameses house, and we did some random stuff, went back to the canal and did crap.
and we played timesplitter 3 for the ps2, great game.
next day we did more random stuff, mostly walked around the canal, but we also saw a dead goat swarmmed with flies and gnats, actually that was sunday, we decided to attack them monday (this day currently). so then we got our stuff together, ant and roach killer (why in the heck would that effect a fly?) after that, we went to the swarm and ¬°ATTACKED!
we got owned, but so did they. we got at least 75 of them.
but james got poison in his eye, but it did not affect him. so we went back, washed up, took showers, play TS3, and watched ace ventura to go to sleep.
next day we did more random crap, there were multiple dams on the canal, and we found a broked one the day besfore. so we decided to find something that we could put across, and eventually we found a thick board and out it across the thing, it worked perfectly (though it was kinda scary until we went across). so then it started to rain real lightly, so we walked into the desert and after walking for a while, we found like 8 wood beams sticking out of the ground like this
| |
the lines are barbed wire, so we decided to create a structure based off one of the beams.
and after hours of work, we managed to build something pretty cool.
there is a pic of it in the link.
after that was all done (at least we though) we headed back home.
so we played more timesplitters and watched the 2nd ace movie.
the next day, (Wednesday) we fortified our quarter dome, added furniture, old rusty cans, and some other random crap. after that, we added to the roofing, and indulged to some snacks.
after that we did more crap and went back to the hood.
actually, i think i got some of the day mixed up, o well.
any wAy, oN Wednesday we went were going to go to jordans house, so my mom took us, BUT... we had to goto the library, little Caesars and buy a large pizza for $5.
So james was directing, but he had no idea where he was going.
so we finally arived at the library, we were there for a couple minutes, then we went to teh pizza place, then we went to jordans.
so from there, we walked a few miles to caseys house, (he was with us) and after a while, we got there.
and we watched TV, played battle field 2 on his brand new comp.
and we played some pool.
so after a while we decided to go to the mallish place, and goto rubios, (basically a high end taco bell)
i dont feel like finishing it now. but i will.

Posted by jakk22 - March 20th, 2008

so far its been amazing, ive had a lot of fun with my friend, and i got to meat some of his friends. we had tuns of fun and did a tun of crap i need to tell you about, i will make a detailed thread when i get back!
right now im at a best western hotel in... i think utah.

Posted by jakk22 - March 12th, 2008

ok then, im going on a trip to arizona, ill be back in a few weeks. and ill be working on revo 2 a lot on the trip. i probably wont be on the internet too much so yeah. and to Guitar hero, i 5 * all the songs on GH2 and GH3 (including jordan, six and TTFAF). well im leaving tomarow, and after the game is done, the only hold up will be sponsorship.
thats about it.

Posted by jakk22 - March 9th, 2008

ok the new game is revolution 2!
it will be coming out within 2 mounths, im leaving for a few weeks, i probly still work on it though.
anyway, there are some beta testers and if your not one then i dont know you well.

Posted by jakk22 - February 17th, 2008

well the game is finally EVERYWHERE!
its crazy and stuff, CLICK THE AD!

Posted by jakk22 - January 26th, 2008

yuppers, i got 569K and 5 stars.

Posted by jakk22 - January 4th, 2008

Well i started on it about a month ago (maybe less.) And its pretty cool.
heres a screen shot:
BTW, why cant i post this in the front page?
its been a month.

The Blue Army 3